Meet Luis Arroyo Jr.

Luis Arroyo Jr. - Cook County Commissioner, 8th District

luis2.jpgCommissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. is a lifelong public servant, community activist and resident of Chicago’s Northwest Side. Sworn in as one of the youngest Commissioners on December 1st, 2014, Arroyo Jr. decided to become part of a new generation of leadership in Cook County.

Having witnessed youth and families in his community struggling with poverty and unequal access to basic services, Commissioner

Arroyo’s core issues are to reform the criminal justice system, accessibility of affordable health care, prevention of further cuts to mental health programs, and to promote economic job growth and development.

The 8th District is home to some of Chicago’s most dynamic and diverse businesses but with an increasing unemployment rate. Commissioner Arroyo Jr. is working to create partnerships that may see the 8th District as a booming economic hub. A look at the 8th District’s history as an industrial powerhouse, with an expansive manufacturing base, could light the way for economic growth for the next generation as we embrace green business opportunities, new technology start-up’s and eco-conscious development. Commissioner Arroyo has the vision and abilities to develop new business relationships and the dedication to see that our residents receive the same opportunities that other emerging parts of our city are also experiencing.

In pursuit of his goal of economic development for the 8th District, Commissioner Arroyo has begun to build the relationships needed for the district’s success. Commissioner Arroyo served as Chairman & Co-Founder of the Illinois Council for the Advancement of Latino/Latina Leadership (I-CALL), which works to cultivate youth leadership skills. He also serves as the Chair of Capital Development of the Cook County Forest Preserves.

As a parent and Chicago Public School Alumnus, Commissioner Arroyo strongly supports local neighborhood school and opposes any school closings in the 8th District. As an 18-year union member, he is deeply committed to protecting public employee jobs and benefits. He believes strongly that economic growth for working families means stable, safe and vibrant communities.